Friday, April 13, 2007

Reporting Baptist clergy sex abuse

Wonder what it's like to try to report clergy sex abuse to Southern Baptist leaders? looks sort of like this. Still wondering why Baptist abuse survivors might hesitate to speak up?


Anonymous said...

It is good to have a sense of humor in all this. The only bad thing's true! And this is what it is like even years after you make a complaint!

Fishoutofwater said...

My wife and I are both clergy abuse survivors (I am an SBC MK and she is the daughter of a prominent deacon in a Colorado church). I know of at least two missionaries from Taiwan (where I grew up) that were simply sent back to the U.S. quietly after abuse allegations surfaced.

My e-mail addres is You have my utmost respect and support for what you are doing!

Fishoutofwater said...

Thank you for all you are doing!

Anonymous said...

I saw the show on 20/20 and I have the utmost respect for you, and I know it took a lot of courage for you to do your part of the segment. I'm Curt Szajnecki and I've worked with David Clohessy and Janet Patterson of SNAP. I tried for 10 years to get the United Methodist Church to listen to me about the predator that moved into my family unit, and my book on the subject is in the editing phase of being published. I understand your pain. My family's predator was put into one-year rehab by the Bishop, but my four daughters were never a part of any investigation by the Church. I ran into the same type of problem with the Methodists with no one being accountable as in the Baptist Church. If you are looking for stories to send to ABC, please let me know who to send it to, and how to do it. Maybe we can draw more attention to the plight of the victims together. Churches need to be held to a higher standard, and the general public doesn't seem to even know that there's a problem with the protestant religions . Please email me at

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your work. I just posted about you on my blog at

I'd love to interview you on my podcast.

Contact me if you're interested.

Stacy L. Harp
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