Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thanks to Baptist minister Kevin Bussey

Ministering can sometimes happen in ways unexpected. When I saw this "na na hey hey" YouTube posting on Southern Baptist minister Kevin Bussey’s blog, I laughed and laughed. And a good laugh was exactly what I needed.

If you read Kevin’s post, I suspect he probably wasn’t feeling particularly pastoral when he posted it. Yet, from across cyberspace, that funky sound reached out to me. I’m groovin’...I’m grinnin’...I’m in gear...I’m just gettin’ started.

Many thanks, Kevin.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the YouTube song and the fond memories it brought me of that time. I read on Kevin's blog his statement, "It is obvious that it is more important to some in my denomination to be more concerned about polity than abusers." At least the eyes of some are being opened to the truth.