Monday, June 11, 2007

No Time for Patience

Countless Baptist clergy and Baptist high-honchos have told me I'm too impatient. They say that Baptist clergy sex abuse is a difficult issue and that institutional change takes time.

But I worry a great deal more about being not impatient enough than I do about being too impatient.

If I am too impatient, then I merely reap the wrath and criticism of Southern Baptist men (many of whom have shown themselves able, ready and willing to heap wrath and criticism anyway, regardless of what I do).

If I am not impatient enough, then I must answer to God and to the voices of children now and in the future whose souls and psyches will be savaged by clergy sex abuse if nothing is done. Even now, there is a kid in a Baptist church somewhere who is being groomed for abuse. I hear the cries and weeping of those kids, and they haunt me. It's time for Southern Baptists to start hearing those cries as well.

When what's at stake is the protection of kids against clergy predators, it's not a time for patience.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christa,

Curt and I saw your blog and we hope that by joining forces, we can all fight the same issues at the same time and maybe make something happen. Our hearts go out to you for your efforts and your chagrin. The feeling runs through us that there is power in numbers, and if you want to use the Methodists as another denomination that needs help, add us to your website as a true story that happened in the Methodist Church. Link to our story at We have added the endorsements of David Clohessy, Janet Patterson and others on our homepage, and our story is going to be strongly promoted.

Maybe we can help each other. We're going forward in our own mission and we now join you.

Helen and Curt

P.S. We loved you on 20/20 and you've inspired us. Don't give up the hope, but add strength by adding numbers.

Anonymous said...

If the Church is not ready to do the right thing 2000 years this side of the Cross, please tell me when!! The "wait" and "be patient" crowd hopes that this problem will just go away. Remember Christians, conviction without repentance only makes one feel bad. Conviction with repentance brings victory and peace.