Thursday, August 13, 2009


What's the difference in how "moderate" Baptist leaders treat clergy abuse survivors and how "fundamentalist" Baptist leaders treat them?

The "moderates' sing Kumbaya before they barbecue the survivor. The "fundamentalists" don't bother with the Kumbaya.

Pearls Before Swine is the brilliant work of Stephan Pastis.


Phyllis Gregory said...

This just made me laugh and I really needed that. I know there is nothing funny about any of this, but I loved the cartoon and I loved what you said. I'm going to share this with many of my
exSBC friends.

Thank you for all you do.


Lydia said...

There is always truth in humor. That is what makes it funny.

john said...

The gruth is the truth no matter how it is told. Good post!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Reminds me of talking to those "moderate" Baptists at the BGCT in Texas. Kumbaya my butt!