Sunday, October 4, 2009

If I Can Dream

By now, I’ve been called “bitter” so often that I've long-ago lost count. “Bitter” seems to be Baptist leaders’ favorite word-of-choice for marginalizing someone who talks about things they don’t want people to hear about. But despite their “bitter” name-calling, I often think that what really motivates me is exactly the opposite.

A big part of what motivates me in this work is my incessant optimism.

Based on all that I’ve seen in Baptistland, it’s an optimism that isn’t reality-based in facts. Yet it’s an optimism that persists.

I dream of a better day in Baptistland.

I dream of clergy accountability in Baptistland. . . accountability for clergy perpetrators and also for clergy cover-uppers.

I dream of outreach, compassion and care for clergy abuse survivors in Baptistland.

“Out there in the dark, there’s a beckoning candle.”

“Tell me why – oh why – can’t my dream come true?”

So, hit the replay button, and join along with Celine and Elvis -- and me -- in singing of our dream for a better day in Baptistland.

Thanks to Junkster who provided this YouTube link in a comment on The Wartburg Watch.

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievably beautiful blog. I couldn't believe it when I opened it and saw that you were indeed referring to the Celine Dion/Elvis performance. I'm guessing you're clicking on all cylinders today. I too am ridiculously optimistic. I see constant and steady progress. The Supreme Court's denial of a stay to Bridgeport on the East Coast, and the grand jury convened in Los Angeles on the west coast, and I think there's still a case, maybe in St. Louis, somewhere in the center, that the Pope has not been able to claim immunity from. I am very excited that the future for Catholic children is going to look a lot brighter. And some of those who were hurt as children are going to feel a bit better now that these unspeakable things are becoming speakable. Thanks again for your great blog. SarahTX2