Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miracle Land

In California, the youth group leader at Miracle Land Korean Baptist Church in Cypress was sentenced to 90 days for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Miracle Land is a church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

According to prosecutors, youth group leader Timothy Han smoked marijuana with the girl and had sex with her in the church parking lot. He met the girl at the church.

Nevertheless, his attorney argued that Han did not in any way abuse his position in the church.

So . . . I guess in Baptistland, having sex with an underage church girl in the church parking lot doesn’t constitute “abuse”?

And gee whiz, I guess we’re supposed to just overlook the fact that he also gave her drugs in the church parking lot?

But hey . . . I guess none of that constitutes any sort of "abuse" for a Southern Baptist youth leader.

For his 90-day sentence, Han will do only 45 days in jail and 45 days in a work-release program.

Thirteen Han supporters, including two pastors and a minister, attended the sentencing hearing. No mention is made of any church people who attended to show support for the victim.

Don’t even get me started.

Update 1/1/2010: See BaptistPlanet's 12/31/09 comparative analysis, “Two churchmen sentenced for sex crimes, one so inadequately.”


Anonymous said...

This has become the norm. The pastor and pew sitters protect and support the pervert. Why are people so blind. I think it is perhaps they see this blind forgiveness of the pervert as more Christian.

when in fact, he disqualified himself from the Body until real repentance not to mention from ministry. Doesn't anyone read scripture anymore?

John said...

My experience has been that most "youth leaders" are nothing more than young men looking for a job to put themselves through school. There are very very few such "leaders" who have any training nor experience in dealing with the serious complex isues facing today's youth. Also, they ar hired to free the adults from the trouble of having to work with the youth of their church.
I was always amazed at how carelessly churches would hire these boys and willingly turn their precious young people over to them.
I even mt a "youth minister" who provided a magazine to his youth that had web-addresses that contained x-rated material. When I confronted both him andthe senior pastor about it I was tolded that "This is none of your concern since you are not a member here!"
In 34 years I never hired a "yout minister"and never saw the need for one. It is time to sop this foolish waste of church resurces and take the time to really work with the youth and provide experienced and serious leadership.

Christa Brown said...

"I think it is perhaps they see this blind forgiveness of the pervert as more Christian."

Yup. In Baptistland, they typically rationalize their faulty no-consequences forgiveness theology under the umbrella of "grace." Then they righteously pat themselves on the back for being more "Christian" than the "unforgiving" victims (and the victims' families). It's a pretty slick sort of "grace," if you ask me.