Thursday, July 8, 2010

20/20 to air update on Matt Baker story

On Friday, July 9, ABC's 20/20 will air an update on the story of Matt Baker, the Baptist pastor who was convicted of murdering his wife.

According to investigators, Baker had also spent years living "a secret life as a sexual predator." Yet, despite multiple allegations of sexual assault and abuse, he was always able to move on through churches, schools and organizations affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

No one stopped him.

Not until he was put on trial for murder did people in the pews finally learn about the sexual abuse and assault allegations against him.

Now prosecutors say that "Matt Baker was a person who lived a double life and used his position as a minister for evil purposes."

Quoting Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, they point out that "The Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose."

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Unknown said...

Don't you mean July 9, not June 9?

Thanks for this post; I usually don't watch 20/20.

Christa Brown said...

Oops... many thanks, Elisabeth. I've made the correction. It's July 9.

Shannon said...

Thank God we finally got him behind bars, Christa. Thank you for your dedication to this. Now, on to save Kari's girls. Continued prayers requested.

Anonymous said...

Watching it now...what a liar!

Anonymous said...

Here's another story about a Baptist minister convicted of sexual assault.

He served in Baptist churches most of his life.

Christa Brown said...

Anon 11:32 - Thanks for the link on the story of Southern Baptist minister Franklin Wray. Last October, I had posted the news of his arrest in Texas, but I had not yet seen the news that he pled guilty to 19 counts of sexual abuse of a boy.

Junkster said...

I watched the 20/20 show last night. Even with all of Baker's history, the evidence, the testimony of his former girlfriend (herself not a particularly likable or innocent person in the situation), and his conviction, Baker still maintains his innocence and is seeking a new trial. There are probably people who believe and still support him, too. Apparently his former lawyer isn't one of them.

Doug Pittman said...

Makes me soooo glad I exposed several ministers for PORNOGRAPHY usage before they got out of hand..

I just hope the Baptist members are still watching them even though I was inunidated with hate from these members, men, and their Baptist Mafia CULT leaders...

Naw, I am sure those members have their "heads buried in the sand" now.....

Oh well, at least I stood for the church even though they turned their backs on me...

Anonymous said...

You stood up to tell the truth. That's huge! Anyone involved in pornography and in a position of trust or leadership needs to be exposed for the protection of the innocent.

Dr Who said...

Doug's story concerning his exposing those ministers and the horrible action by those within the Baptist Mafia thereafter is documented, especially on the wartburg watch, ministersexposed, and ministerwatch.blogspot websites.

It is horrible how this guy was treated...just read

He went through hell for exposing these ministers, but what a soldier for Christ!

He did stand for the church and Christ Kingdom.