Sunday, July 25, 2010

Debbie Kaufman reviews "This Little Light"

Debbie Kauman has posted a review of my book, This Little Light: Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and His Gang.

"What part of the book... should I write about?" begins Debbie. "It’s a book that when I finished reading the last page left me with a host of different thoughts and feelings. One chapter had me shocked at the number of victims in the Southern Baptist churches alone, one chapter had me angry that leaders in the Southern Baptist churches, Convention, literally turned their backs on Christa Brown as she tried to approach them, one chapter had me both angry and sad that Christa Brown was full of hope in approaching Southern Baptist leadership about clergy sexual abuse only to have her hopes dashed as excuses were made, doors shut on her, threatening letters were sent to her."

You can read the rest of Debbie's review on her blog. And since she calls it "part 1," I think she's not yet done. This is a woman with more to say.

Thanks, Debbie, for your strong voice!

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Jeri said...

I carried the link to Debbie's review on my blog, Christa. I hope she's able to spread the word on THIS LITTLE LIGHT.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christa. I so wanted to do this book justice and I am trying to spread the word on this book, I think it's that important that Southern Baptists in particular read this book. And nope not near done talking on this subject, that is how much an impact this book had on me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if enough be learn and speak up then things will change. I hope so. Thanks to Christa and Debbie for trying to make a difference. Thanks Debbie V

Christa Brown said...

Thanks, Jeri!

Jeri was probably the very first to review my book - here's the link (which also gets you to her blog): .
Jeri describes the book as "a documented history of SBC indifference to the gross perversions that it permits under its own protective aegis of 'local church autonomy'" and says that "the level of evidence is amazing."

Anonymous said...

DebbieV: You are making in impact too. Your comments are just heart wrenching to read, yet people need to read what a life changing impact this kind of abuse has. I think it's important to show the raw, unedited truth about this crime that is so accepted by churches, especially the denomination I am in. I as a Southern Baptist Christian say I want something done now. Not later. No more studies, no more talk. I won't accept anything less than action now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I have been too sick to do much lately and my ability to go on line is limited. I will be back in the U.S. in a few weeks and will have more access. I do not understand how anyone can make excuses and why do they? To rape and abuse a child in church is not something that should be allowed to continue. If more people speak up then we might see change. I could rest better if I knew they were going to make changes to protect children. I really appreciate those who have tried so hard.

Thanks for listening
Debbie V