Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coping with Baptist slurs

Some of you have asked me how I manage to keep my equilibrium when Southern Baptist leaders sling so much mud my way. I thought about that question again a few days ago when it was reported that “media staff at a large, moderate Baptist state convention” referred to me as “that woman” while criticizing clergy sex abuse news coverage.

It’s not hard to guess which state convention that was. I figure it’s probably the same one that likes to brag so much about how enlightened it is on clergy abuse. Laughable, huh?

Their “that woman” slur is a stupid one. It reflects poorly on them, shows them for who they really are, and makes them seem like cartoons.

But of course, plenty of other Baptist leaders have said plenty of worse things. Mean things. Hateful things. Hurtful things. Ignorant things.

So here’s the truth about how I cope with it.

I put on my headphones, plug in the Bruce Springsteen playlist, and crank up the volume about as loud as I think my eardrums can stand. Then I head out for a run.

By the end of the run, I’m usually feeling pretty good. And I’m starting to get stronger on the hills. Guess I ought to say thanks to Southern Baptist leaders for that. Turns out their insults are a motivational force.

“No retreat, Baby, no surrender.” (Bruce Springsteen on Born in the USA)


gmommy said...

No retreat baby, No surrender!!

You go girl!!!!

That needs to be the motivating call we give to each other and to the world!!!!

(don't know if I can handle the ear phones or if my knees can take the pounding ....but I am a great cheerleader!!)

So when we feel like we are falling in the pit of dispair or self loathing.....
No Retreat Baby!! No Surrender!!

I like that much better than my lame
"08 is going to be great"

Thanks again for new inspiration, Christa!!

Christa Brown said...

I think I can hear you cheering even from here, gmommy! Way to go! No retreat! No surrender!