Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Plano-man!

Today, the New BBC blog offers warm birthday wishes to Plano-man. Be sure to check it out!

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while are familiar with Plano-man. His comments are an endless pit of venom and vitriol, inanity and misogyny. And what you've seen is just the tip of the iceberg. I delete a whole lot of his comments.

New BBC describes him as "a potty-mouthed character." That's kind.

Read what New BBC has to say about Plano-man -- or is it "RM" or "Brady" or "Cooper"? Apparently, mine isn't the only blog he frequents, and New BBC offers some illuminating insights into the multiple identities.

Incidentally, Plano-man claimed to have "influential Baptist friends." Do you think they're the ones who taught him those "potty-mouth" ways?

He once signed off as "Plano Prestonwood Man." Did he learn those "potty-mouth" ways at the mega Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano?

Or did he learn those "potty-mouth" ways as "RM" while he was at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary?

Don't miss New BBC's post: Happy Birthday, O Purveyor of Baloney!


Anonymous said...

מזל טוב, Plano-man.

New BBC Open Forum said...

It's Randy McDonald. (That's for the Googlebot.)

Ramesh said...


Great sleuthing!

Ramesh said...

I am reposting Pastor Wade Burleson's comment to RM in New BBC Open Forum Blog.
Wade Burleson said...
NASS - Well done.


This comment is a personal appeal to you. I am unsure how to contact you privately, but think the public appeal may be the best means in the long run.

We do not know each other and have never spoken personally. You may choose to discount what is written here, but these words are offered with a genuine concern for you and a desire to see that this post by NASS changes your life.

It is likely your heart flutters the way David's did when Nathan pointed his finger at the king and said, "Thou art the man." David's practice of pronouncing sanctimonious judgments on others, while ignoring his own sin, was exposed by God through a commoner who had the courage to confront.

You've been confronted and have arrived at a crossroads. One road leads to a bitter denunciation of anyone and everyone who participated in exposing you or celebrated at your exposure. The other road leads to brokenness.

Just a moment ago I knelt and asked God to send His grace without measure to your soul. My request of our Lord was that you would not defend, not attack, not hide and not shift the blame--but that you would confess your duplicity, hypocrisy and pharisaical spirit, and by God's grace become a broken man.

When God humbles a man by His grace, He breaks Him of self-righteousness and self-love. That usually happens when God makes a man to figuratively stand naked and exposed before the world at large. David felt it, my inclination is that if you have experienced even a small measure of God's grace, you now feel it.

Don't spurn it. Don't try to cover it. Don't waste it.

Simply acknowledge what is true, seek the forgiveness of those you have wronged, and rest in the forgiveness that is find in Christ. I remind you that the true power of Jesus Christ is ONLY seen in broken vessels. You chose the wrong road at this time and your life will remain powerless. You chose the road of confession and genuine repentance, by God's grace, and your life will be energized by the Spirit's power in ways you could never imagine.

My prayer for you is genuine and heartfelt. May God in His grace see fit to answer it for the good of His people.

In His Grace,


12:04 PM, NOVEMBER 04, 2009

Anonymous said...

Wow, Nasty, hateful Planoman is OUTED. And he is a seminary grad, "Christian" counselor and sometime pastor?

I am worried about those women he has counseled. Does he call them wenches, too? What about those who have been molested in their past? Does he tell them to sweep it under the rug if it came from a minister? Just how far would he go in counseling to protect a sexual predator minister?

I am all astonishment!

This only goes to show we had best do some serious due diligence before we choose a 'Christian' counselor.

gmommy said...

"Plano Man" was the guy who said to cut the pervert minister who was caught with child porn some slack because, after all, he didn't actually touch a kid. He was "just" looking at porn.

I don't like it at all that Randy/Plano man/other names.... has been so ugly to so many people on blogs. From what he has shown on his public sites....it appears his life is full of chaos and sad things. All the more reason NOT to hurt others. I hope he doesn't blame all women for his issues. I hope (like the previous commenter) that he hasn't used his councilor or minister position to give dysfunctional advise or put someone in a vulnerable position(other than seeking out him for help).
This doesn't help those of us who have already experienced abusive behavior by clergy.
I think it's appropriate that Wade would call him to accountability.

I wish Wade and other ministers would do this more often especially with credibly accused sexual predators who stand in the pulpits as if they have not violated and sinned.

Christa Brown said...

"I wish Wade and other ministers would do this more often especially with credibly accused sexual predators who stand in the pulpits as if they have not violated and sinned."

Amen. Amen. Amen.