Tuesday, April 1, 2008

50,000 plus

The StopBaptistPredators.org website broke the 50,000 mark for number of page views. As of today, it’s had 56,502 page views in the last 19 months since the site went up.

Do I wish it were 500,000? Sure. But 50,000 is still nothing to sneeze at. It means a lot of people have received news and information about Baptist clergy sex abuse and cover-ups.

The website has also been gaining momentum. Last month alone, the number of page views was 12,522.

People are looking.

This blog site has also gotten some good traffic. Since July 2007, when I began keeping track, there have been 18,212 visitors to this blog, and they have come from all across the globe.

Sometimes the blog also has a sort of wave effect, when postings get picked up and reprinted on other sites.

For example, several StopBaptistPredators postings were picked up by EthicsDaily.com, a site that had 2.7 million page views in 2007. A couple other items were picked up by the Faith & Works blog of the Louisville Courier-Journal and by the Religion Blog of the Dallas Morning News. And numerous items were picked up by the blogs of other individuals, who all have readers of their own.

These are numbers worth celebrating. We’re getting stronger. Thanks to all of you for your support.

Whether you’re a quiet viewer or someone who comments, I’m grateful for your interest.

One thing that we as survivors should all know for sure – none of us are alone in this.

Shine on!


gmommy said...

Because you never surrender and will never be silenced.....
you are known as Christa the Relentless!

Shine on!

Anonymous said...

Hi Crista. I am new to this site and have written a few blogs. In reference to the lansford Minister.
I have to say you do have a very good site and i am glade to be able to view it. thank you.