Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Bad Shepherd

Today’s Nashville Scene carries the story of Shayna Werley’s lawsuit against the Southern Baptist Convention.

Werley alleges that she was sexually abused by pastor Jeremy Benack at the First Baptist Church of Lansford, Pennsylvania. When her parents found out, they say they contacted the Southern Baptist Convention to lodge a complaint. (Seems like the rational thing to do, right?)

But the subtitle of the article sums up what happened: “An alleged victim of sex abuse turns to Nashville’s Southern Baptist Convention for help but finds herself facing Goliath instead.”

Werley’s parents contend that the SBC “had a hand in creating a farcical treatment plan for their daughter – one that forbade her from being alone with men and that seemed to have been designed to shame and punish Werley while Benack faced few, if any, ramifications.”

In fact, according to court documents, “Rev. Benack continues to serve as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Lansford and continues to counsel and spend time with young members of the congregation.”

When contacted about the case, SBC legal counsel Jim Guenther reportedly said, “The law does not hold persons liable for things they had nothing to do with.”

Here’s how that translates for lay-people: “Not our problem”

Guenther also said this: “If we knew anything about it, we could not have provided any relief or prevention.”

Got that? When it comes to clergy sex abuse, the SBC can’t, won’t, and won’t even try.

The Southern Baptist Convention claims that, even if it knows about an abusive pastor, it CANNOT do a darn thing.

Do you believe that? I don’t. This is a powerful organization with a lot of resources at its disposal. If its leaders wanted to provide “relief or prevention,” they could find a way.

But apparently the SBC doesn’t want to. So, what Guenther’s words say to clergy abuse victims is this: “The Southern Baptist Convention doesn’t give a hoot.”

Guenther’s remarks are revealing of the true attitude of this organization’s leaders. And since Guenther has been the SBC’s lawyer for a great many years, he knows of what he speaks.

But here’s what I really want to know. Follow me now….

Guenther told the Nashville Scene reporter that “he determined” that a call from the Werley family “never came in to Nashville headquarters.” A month ago, Guenther made a similar statement to a reporter for The Morning Call when he told him that the SBC “never received a call from the Werley family or heard anything about the allegations against Benack.”

How would Guenther know? How did Guenther make his determination that a call from the Werley family “never came in”?

Keep in mind that Guenther doesn’t even work in the Southern Baptist Convention building. He has an office a couple miles away at his Nashville law firm.

So who did he check with at the SBC headquarters building to determine that the Werley family had “never” called?

What record, file, log-book, or data did he look at?

Here’s my point. For Guenther to even make such a statement suggests that there is someone in the SBC building who logs calls or keeps records related to allegations of clergy sex abuse. Otherwise, how would Guenther know one way or the other?

For Guenther to say that the Werleys “never” called suggests that Guenther must have at least looked at a call-log to see the absence of a call from the Werley family.

If no one at the SBC is keeping any records on reports about clergy sex abuse, what possible basis would Guenther have for saying “yea” or “nay” about whether the Werley family contacted the SBC?

If no one at the SBC is keeping any records on reports about clergy sex abuse, then Guenther should have simply said, “I don’t know whether the SBC ever received a call from the Werley family because the SBC doesn’t keep any records on clergy sex abuse reports.”

But Guenther didn’t say that. He said the SBC had “never” received a call from the Werley family. And he said it twice.

So here’s what I think.

I think the SBC already does keep records on clergy sex abuse. I think the SBC keeps some sort of shabby secret file, and Guenther knew about it.

And I think the SBC does diddly-squat with the information in that secret file, and it chooses instead to leave kids and congregants at risk of reported clergy-predators.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Just to help you get your facts right in this case...and to post the TRUTH for your readers and youself... blogs like this seem to promote Christianity of some sort, yet it appears nothing of the, forgiveness, empathy, thoughtfulness, kindness, and the like...specifically to myself, the wife is shown. There has been no crime committed and no such abuse done. Having a mental health background, I am fully aware of what abuse is and how it relates also to sexual preditors, in which my husband is not. If your mission is to help the hurting, why go and post much more nonsense with no ounce of Christianity showing in your blogs and even continue to puch more harm on myself, the wife, in your posting of the news articles, without doing proper research. I tell you the truth, Shayna was much more a willing participant than she lets on to believe, she completely suduced my husband and flirted with him, which many people noticed her not so "innocent" ways, but oh my, now that isn't posted now is it...nor is it even mentioned that there is the possibily of "an inappropriate past" for shayna. The cops were called to the church the day of the meeting (discussing arrest) due to her ranting and raving, yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs, all while standing and stomping on the church pew (in the sancuary). with many congregants witnessing. Oh wait....that isn't mentioned either, but again that might "taint" that innocent "poor me" syndrome. Also, she claims she followed the 'care plan" the SBC created. That is completely not true, because it was never agreed and voted upon in the church for her to follow through with, so again, there is lies and 'twisting the truth' to appear as one person is so innocent in this all. SBC has never "covered up" for the situation, and actually the SBC (specifically their representative) in my opinion, casted us away, and completely ignored my family. They appreared to show no sympathy, compassion or concern for my marriage, or anything about my family. So again, you are wrong in your assumtions related to the SBC in this specific case. Jeremy stepped down from preaching and currently is not the pastor, nor has been since all this came to light. We are taking time to rebuild our marriage thru the Godly healing process, which would be a lot easier if people like yourself would do more proper research before posting such lies on your blogs (and honestly would think of the hurt marriages, wives, and children in all this - and not just the of age vengeful woman-specific to this case) I do not feel God is smiling down on such blogs as they are continuing to hurt his beloved children, including myself and my little daughter-both completely innocent in all this. My husbands actions were wrong and immoral, but certainly not illegal and broke no laws. He was never "preparing" her for a relationship...and she was fully aware and consented to everything she did. And again, as someone with post-graduate studies in mental health, my husband does not have behavior of that of a sexual preditor or one that is abusive. So blogger and others who so chose to leave your proper research, think a little more like Christ, with compassion and love...and stay out of others personal life. "Do unto others as you would have done unto you"
To the owner of this blog...if you really feel compelled to do the right thing....i give you a hint in doing so....
Take this blog and posting off your site. Since this has nothing to do with clergy abuse, no legal crime has been committed, no charges filed, all this is appears to be is a vengeful woman, out to make problems.
Victoria, the wife in this matter

Anonymous said...

"Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you" may be what got your husband into trouble.

Anonymous said...

Victoria's description of Shayna's behavior describes her as stomping and standing on the church's pew, yelling, ranting, shouting... Afterall, she was a teenager. Was she too young to understand what was going on? The minister/husband was years older, placed in a position of authority, power and trust over Shayna. For Victoria to say that Shayna completely seduced the minister/husband takes the responsibility away from the husband/minister and places it on the teen. Did the teenager force the minister/husband to send explicit photographs of himself to her cellphone? Open your eyes, Victoria. It is painful but you must.

Anonymous said...

Who is paying for the counseling that the minister and his wife? Is it the church, the couple themselves or the SBC's counseling fund used for this type situation? Wouldn't it have been better to offer counseling sooner rather than later? I'm sure the source paying for the counseling for the couple is not paying for it for Shayna. The SBC could not act sooner because they fear they could be held liable? That's a shame.

Anne George said...

Wow, Victoria. I'm glad you posted. You give a perfect insight into exactly the mindset it takes to justify the kind of despicable behavior your husband is guilty of. Not only do you justify it, you condone it and you provide a safe haven for more denial and blame shifting. Your husband knew better. He had a high calling from God to be a good shepherd. He was a bad shepherd--no matter how you look at it. You are just deceiving yourself to place complete blame on the victim. If you weren't so close to the situation, you would be able to see the ludicrous position you just put yourself in. I feel sorry for you and for the disintegration of your marriage. I will pray a second for you and your husband; but I will pray a long, agonizing pleading prayer for the victim and her family. May God continue to rebuke you.

Thank you Christa for your continued work. Please keep blogging about these situations. Knowledge is power. May God continue to bless you.

Anne George

Christa Brown said...

Not only was Jeremy Benack "a bad shepherd," but so too was the SBC itself, as even Victoria's own comment illustrates. And that was really the point of this posting: Baptist clergy abuse victims who seek help from the SBC, believing its leaders will be "good shepherds," instead find themselves facing Goliath - not a shepherd at all.

Anon 12:24 - I don't know who, if anyone, is paying for the counseling of this minister and his wife. But what I do know is that the largest statewide Baptist convention in the country, the Baptist General Convention of Texas, has long had a published policy of providing readily available counseling for clergy perpetrators and their spouses, but NOT for the victims of clergy sex abuse. (Only recently did they cease calling it "restoration" counseling - but counseling is still provided.) I suspect other state conventions may do something similar. It's one of those things that drives me nearly nuts - readily available counseling for clergy perpetrators and spouses, but none for the victims.

Victoria's comments remind me of a painful aspect of my own story. As a 16-year old girl, I was made to apologize to my perpetrator's wife. Nowadays, I can't imagine how any grown adult woman could stand there and watch a blubbering crying kid begging for forgiveness, and do nothing. And yet she did. She was an R.N. at the time, and I've heard that she's now a psychiatric nurse. "Denial - it ain't just a river in Egypt."

gmommy said...

"....Christianity of some sort, yet it appears nothing of the, forgiveness, empathy, thoughtfulness, kindness, and the like...specifically to myself, the wife is shown. There has been no crime committed and no such abuse done."

all these things are EXPECTED for the one who does the in my mega church, where the perp's CRIME was declared"under the blood" by the minister and the child molested (now an adult) was ignored.
The wounded that were further victimized by the perp were of no importance. There was no warning to anyone while he remained on staff.

Victoria even critizes her husband's victim for showing emotions ...yet emotions and anger scream from her post above.

Thanks for the compassion, empathy, thoughtfulness and kindness in your post,Victoria.
Very difficult to feel sorry for you when you are so void of "christian" qualities for others.
Kind of scary that you are in the "mental health field" and so blind and insensitive.

Anonymous said...

There are others out there that exhibit the same behavior. We have someone who also rants, raves, yells, screams, stands and stomps at church in the sanctuary sometimes, not in the church pew but in the pulpit. (wink - we love you, pastor).

Junkster said...

Two comments:

(1) I suppose it is possible that the legal counsel of the SBC could have determined that no calls came into the SBC offices from a particular phone number by getting the phone company records. But at best that would show that no call was made from a specific residence, which would not prove that a call couldn't have been made from some other location. Another possibility is that the SBC keeps recordings of all incoming calls, but I seriously doubt that (and would find it a scary thought).

(2) Anyone truly familiar with the dynamics of abusive and predatory behavior knows that one of its fundamental aspects is an inherent inequity in the roles of the abuser/predator and victim. There are various relationships where one person is in a position of trusted authority -- could be an adult / child relationship, or two adults where one is in an official authority figure (doctor, lawyer, therapist, pastor), or even more informal types of relationships where one functions as a more mature, caring, parent-figure to the other. In all of these relationships, however, there is an inherent inequity, regardless of any mutual benefits that may be perceived. To some extent one person is in the "stronger" or more authoritative or parent-like role, and the other, perhaps very willingly and naturally and appropriately, is in more of a "recipient" position.

So, in these kinds of relationships, regardless of how sexual contact gets started, and regardless of how either party feels about it at the time, the sexual component is still abusive and predatory. Those who would attempt to defend sexual abuse by a pastor on the basis that "she was old enough to know what she was doing" demonstrate that do not understand abuse at all.

gmommy said...

Junk is always so wise :)

Christa Brown said...

"Those who would attempt to defend sexual abuse by a pastor on the basis that 'she was old enough to know what she was doing' demonstrate that do not understand abuse at all."

Yup. Thanks for wise words, junkster.

According to what Victoria says above, she also thought a "represetative" of the SBC was informed about the allegations. That's similar to what the Werleys say. This of course makes me wonder all the more about Guenther's statement that the SBC "never" heard anything about it.

Unknown said...

This has been a particularly hard comment string for me to read.

The pastor who abused me had a daughter my age. She was my best friend. And I dearly loved both her and her mother. They were part of the reason I never said anything - I didn't want to hurt them.

I think I always felt that if it came down to it they would eventually forgive me. But it would hurt them so much to discover their husband / father wasn't who they thought.

I think the position Victoria is in is a very, very, difficult one. I'm not excusing her blaming the victim, but I know that her finding out her husband isn't who she thought must be extremely difficult.

I've heard that a lot of ministers who do this kind of thing are apt to abuse their wives and daughters; maybe even sexually abuse their daughters. I know that, although there wasn't any sign that the pastor who abused me, abused his wife or daughter, physically at least, he was so sexist that neither one of them thought anything of themselves.

I was abused sexually by this minister, but I also had a father who really loved and respected me. Our relationship was extremely rocky at times, and I really think he didn't know what to do with me sometimes, but there was a very solid foundation. This minister's daughter, on the other hand, was not sexually abused, by this minister or by any other man, that I know of. She really loved her father, and when she and I were close, she was always trying for her father's approval. But he was so sexist he could never fully approve of a woman.

Between the two of us, I have come to realize I was the lucky one.

Christa Brown said...

I too have often wondered if my perpetrator abused his own daughter. But of course, most incest victims, like most clergy abuse victims, stay silent - often for decades - and often forever.

Your comments reveal a sad reality. Part of what silences the victim is often the victim's own freely-given care and concern for the perpetrator, the perpetrator's family, and the church. So, the victim takes on an enormous, and often overwhelming, psychological burden of trying to protect others against a terrible truth... only to often find herself criticized years later when she finally does disclose.

Unknown said...

Overwhelming psychological burden - you said it!

What eventually happened was I was finally able to see what the abuse for what it was, and realize fully that the "pastor" was no man of God, and that he totally manipulated me. Then I was finally able to get rid of my guilt. I also totally cut ties with the pastor's wife and daughter, and realized that as much as I was concerned about them, I didn't betray them, he did. I realized that I would have to do what I had to do, no matter how it affected them.

I did decide not to let the church in general not to know what happened, because I realized that it would be very painful for me, and that it probably wouldn't do any good. It took many years before I stopped blaming myself; of course, as long as I was blaming myself I wouldn't even consider telling. I realized that with the amount of years, the people would be of the opinion of "why bring up old history? Forgive him." I didn't, and still don't, want to go through that.

Anonymous said...

all I can say is I know the parties here. Please understand that Jeremy was put in a position of Trust,Respect, and the ability to Guide and Lead as many pastors and clergy have. With this respect came the ability to guide (as he did Shanna from a younge age). I know Shanna and although a woman she was nieve to certain actions and looked up to Jeremy for many years and I watched as Jeremy praised Ken werly from his pulpit one sunday.
I can not quote Jeramy excactly at that time But he said something like Others should have the faith of Ken Werly in a praising ceremony that sunday morning. Shanna,I believe was about 15 or 16 yrs old at the time and the werley's were very active and devoted to the church.
To say that she new what she was doing "Victora" Maybe an insite to your blindness. After all blaming Shanna Condons what your husband did. I truly feel sorry for you and your daughter for although I do not know you or your daughter well I beleieve you to be a good and honest person put in a bad situation. But you need to step back and hold your husband accountable for his infidelity not only to you but to your daughter and most of all the church and GOD. I for one would love to see your reaction if this had happened to your daughter and then treated your daughter as if she was wrong and it was her fault.
After all Who was in the authority possition and was to be trusted and most of all whom did he betray besides the church. I commend you for your faith in forgiving him and wish you well in that search.. But lets face it. His authority and knowing he taught this person from a early age should have made anything he did accountable. After all does not the shepard lead his sheep out of harms way. Would you Victoria let your younge daughter be lead as Shanna was and then defend the pastor if this had happened to your daughter. I beleive that the actions of this church and its peers should have counseled Shanna and dismissed Jeremy. Not just let his father preach and then reistate him as if all was ok. It is not and will not be until accountability is given to the person accused /removed and a blogg yes VICTORIA a BLOGG made so that others in this authority understand that they are to be held with the utmost responsability of the position that they accepted.

Unknown said...

Wow, anonymous! You can really see what happened. I'm glad you could. Gives us survivors a good feeling when people can see what happened.

Anonymous said...

I have respoded to Elisabeth.. But it seems it did not appear. So I will say to her. I am a male and do see what happens (very Very Clearly) as though standing back. I have not been abused and just speak as I see things. I try to do whats right and beleive in god. although do not always follow his words when called. I speak to him every day and must now say. I pray for the Werley's , Victoria and her daughter and yes Jeremy. I do not beleive Jeremy is a Predator. I do beleive he has his problems though and needs help. As forgivness and conseling is best for all here. I do beleive Jeremy was given this responsability at to younge an age and Yes should be held accountable. I do beleive the church and its leaders are just interested in keeping the church they have raised.. I say raised cause the original group was elder and did not wish to see the church fold. But That thought pattern needed to be corrected also. As they depended and gave way to much control to a person straight out of school. He did well to help the church at 1st and this I commend him. and yes his action may also be what brings that church down. I hope not. I hope for all concerned The elders will understand that blinding yourself to save a building and not watching the leader of the flock and its care takers. Can do as much harm as good. I also beleive that not knowing Jeremies Father well. He tried to save his son from harm as most fathers will. But this is also wrong. I will continue to pray for that church and hope that its guidance will come from some other sources that will help them. But still hold firm to the wrongs done here to the werley's and Victoria and her child and yes the church. I will also pray for the abused. But I take a some what hard stand to call a mistake how ever bad.. a predator... Only way to condone that is .. to find out. Has he ever done it before and make sure that it will not ever happen again. I am sorry the last coment I sent yesterday never made it here. I may have made a mistake with sending it. It is some what different to this response. God bless and do not give up.. weong is wrong.

Jeri said...

It is possible that Guenther was simply told by his clients that no such call ever came in (or that he was told to say as much). I don't think his statement shows that the SBC logs calls on clergy abuse. I think the SBC covers up clergy abuse, and telling the public, through a lawyer or otherwise, that they have not been officially notified of a complaint is an old, old ruse.

Anonymous said...

Victoria, your husband is NOT innocent no matter how you spin it. He does not qualify to pastor anymore according to 1
Tim 3.

Sounds to me as if your husband has emotionally abused or blackmailed you because you are not seeing clearly or making sense.

He is a sick man in many ways but mainly sin. This is very serious and I suggest you get away from him for a while so you can see more clearly and not fall for his lies.

With your thinking, it is more likely he will do it again. You bought it once, why not again?


Anonymous said...

To Maureen How is it you can suggest and assume something that you can not truly Judge. Sounds to me that you are talking in anger and revenge. The problem exists and is up to the Benacks to decide what is best. Be it counseling or what ever. But This is there probelm to handle. Why would you suggest Victoria get away from him unless there is proof that he has done some harm to his daughter other then being unfaithful to his wife and the words he supposedly beieived and preached. And as I suggested i earlier writtings. I do not beleive him to be a preditor. This is only up to her and I am sure she knows more about what she needs to do then you. I am also sure this is effecting others in there family more then you see. I wish more people would see things with out being angry how ever hard it may be. I stand by what I wrote earlier and Until found and proven that he has done this before. The word Prditor gets assigned way to quickly.. But yes being aware and watching and listening and finding out the truth is a must. But judging HHHMMMM. I can only Judge if I know all the facts and the truth and I do know alot. Probably more then most. But I am not the judge or Jury That is why we have a law system. Oh and yes there were wrongs here and I am sure the courts and time will judge him. But I hope its not done in anger But with a firm hand and help.
And as for Shanna only she can decide when to forgive and what wrongs were done.
I will sign me as watching from now on.


Anonymous said...

what did every one go away. Have seen nothing here in days.

Anonymous said...

a question ? Were does the sbc get its money to support themselves and other Business practices and or to supposedly help ?(others or themselves)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christa Brown said...

Anon 2:08 - I don't like to delete comments, but I deleted yours because I'm not willing to allow someone who remains completely anonymous to use my blog to call another person a liar and to spew forth accusations. I perceive it as being deliberately hurtful. If you've got information about this that you can document and can get a reputable news reporter to write a story about it, then send me a link to the published news source.

Anon 10:24 - The SBC gets its money from contributions that churches make through what's called the Cooperative Program. As I recall, total contributions through the Cooperative Program are about $500 million per year, and of that I think the national organization gets about $200 million per year.

Anonymous said...

To Christa: Thank you for letting me know you deleted what may have been my comment. As for me calling any one a liar. I do not believe I have ever done that. I do not have a copy of what I wrote. But If this is what you may have perceived I wrote. I have to appoligize. As My intent is never to do that. As written in the 2nd blogg which you did release for reading. You must see my intent was never to call anyone anything. Just voice my opinions here as others have. (without prjedice). As I said I do not have a copy of that writing as I did not save it and Would like to see were I called some one a liar and or have made accusations. That is not my way or was it ever my intent. I only read what you allow in your blog and have commented on it. If you do have a copy of that blogg. I would love to reread it. I am sure we can work that out. only then would I be able to tell if I was out of line and if I did so in fact call some one a liar and supposedly spew fourth (as you put it) delibratly hurtful accusations. I beleive you to be inncorrect in your perception of what you read in that Blogg and do not think I did any such thing, but I do understand why if written incorrectly how Others may have perceived that if you have. But as I said I do not have a copy of it and truly donot totaly remember all that was written.

The contribution:
I figured the monies to the SBC were contributions. But I am suprised that it comes from churchs. Does that not make it beneficial to them to protect what keeps them afloat ? That is a huge sum. Thank you for that information.

Christa Brown said...

The comment I deleted was not signed by "Watching." It was simply "Anonymous." So, I doubt that it was yours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christa. I did not think it was me. But got confused to when my question showed up after your response. Glad to see it was not. You are doing a great job. If ever I can help. Let me know.
Always Watching

Anonymous said...

Benack has been a bad egg since childhood, he was forced into being a church barker by his father, also a snake oil salesman preacher. The guy has been forced to do alot of things and now he finally decided he wanted a slice of teen purity

I know the family well, from the kids grandparents the Brodes in Coaldale, PA, who happen to parents of this sick individuals mother

Anonymous said...

in response to comment made be scooter, I don't know the history of the Benack family , however, many in the community religous and not religious see their actions, Jeremy is still preaching there in the Baptist church he is simply hiding it under his Dad's name,as this is opposite as they claim that he is no longer preaching, and along with all that this man has done to cause damage to many of families he has enough gull and nerve to publicly sing praise songs at a local graduating class. From what you seem to state nobody should be surprised by this.Amazing how the senior Benack also stands in the pulpit preaching allowing his son to continue on in his role playing as a minister of the gospel.Like father like son I suppose, God will not allow men like this to continue in the pulpits much longer.The church is God's house not man's...

Anonymous said...

HHMmm I have to laugh. As I do not know Jeremy's father well. But a few years ago remember the sermon asking us to pray for a law suit stemming from a car accident. I guess that went by way of the roadside also. But as I said earlier. If the congragation allows one of its leaders to rule and listens to them and refuses to act in good faith within GODS house and the rules set and preached By the paters and it congregation then I have to say I agree with the last statement made by the last anonymous writings. To a point. and as before I still beleieve that they congregation is still only wanting to save what they have raised (no matter what it takes) Without real concern for what they preach and also as stated by me before. I beleieve the Benacks. Not just Jeremy but all the Benacks need to remove themselves from 1st Baptist church and again let them get a fresh start without any of the interference from them or (Suggestions. If not As I beleieve that in the long run this will bring the church down. I also beleieve that time will not remove this from there problems unless they (The BENACKS) Just go away from that church. Lets face it what ever the cause. The Damage has been done. after all will the trust and guidance of the ministers and or the congregational leaders ever be trusted if they themselves donot step aside and let another who is trustworthy and sincere and mostly impartial to anything from the past. Except to lead the church of god into the correct path and do what is right for the community.

Always Watching

Anonymous said...

I don't see the major problem here. From what his wife posted and what I have known of Jeremy, he made an error in judgement, which we are all guilty of from time to time. For those of you who insist that this "teen" had no clue of the reprecussions of her accusions you obviously don't deal with teens on a regular basis and crying because he was so much older, quite frankly he's not. He's human therefore falible and if his wife is confident to not only forgive him but continue on with the marriage I congratulate her for her strength of character, her love of her husband and her love and faith in God. This was not a child and a dirty old man case of child-molestation but two consenting adults who erred.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. In reading the message posted by Lynda? I agree that we all make mistakes and sin everyday, all are forgiven (if you accepted Jesus ),however your comment is startling to say you see no problem here. This man was called to lead the flock and minister to them, he took advantage of a woman congregant and used his power for his advantages, he was not just anyone he was the pastor, and you are very very wrong to state that this was between 2 consenting people,a pastor has a position of power and he abused that power the persons age has nothing to do with it, what if this woman was an alcoholic, or a drug addict? This attitude is typical and sad, however since these are the end times many that go to "church" are simply attending a country club. not following God or his word. Prayers go out to his wife as you can see by her postings she is angry,and blaming the "other party" she is in complete denial as to her husbands actions. You need to step back and search your heart on this situation look at the whole PICTURE,not just one side.The reported actions of this man,are inexcusable and there is no way this guy should ever be entrusted to minister to God's people, God won't allow it to go on long.His word is clear on this matter.God Bless you as search HIS word for truths . The PICTURE will one day be all clear...the end days are surely upon us.

Anonymous said...

LOL... Beat the dog again Kick the Horse.. Getting tired of hearing she is wrong he is wrong. The end is near and god will (What ever). Fact.....2 adults (YES)..Her Fact: (One raised in the church and trusted in the preachers words). Fact (HUMAN) yes ? Nieve hhmmm Maybe. But still vulnerable and Trusting.
Fact (Minister) Fact (married) OH and wife expecting child. Fact (RESPONSABILITY. INTAGRITY. HONESTY. LOYALTY IN GODS NAME.)BLA BLA BLA..

If Victoria wish's to forgive him Thats her will. If Shayna wish's to forgive him Thats also her option.. But lets face it. What you preach is what you should be held to and that is cleary the case here. So When they or us get to meet the man> he will judge. But for now We are earth bound and should abide by the rules set by what we preach. So all you that wish to forgive... Go for it.. But while doing so. Think...Is there some thing other then forever ? After all what are you trying to protect. Would you put your daughter in the hands of some one that has fallen. So remember. Its easy to forgive and YES (MAYBE)Forget. Maybe that is why this site is so important. So that others that are willing to forgive and forget will be reminded By those that wish for it to never happen again at anothers expense
without the innocent parties hurt never having to forget and the guilty parties going on with out ever having to admit the wrong doing. After all is not a drunk driver removed from the road in hopes that he does not hurt some one before they do. Or for that matter those hurt for life do to a wrong. As I said before. Wrong.. is wrong and they should be held accountable if accepting a position and then abusing it. Forgiveness is fine and very good for the soul. But again. Would you entrust your child to be left alone and entrusted to the words of this person... Ask yourself that.

Always Watching

Anonymous said...

shaynas innocent jeremy your sick and twistid

Anonymous said...

another word used to commonly. (Innocent)...hhhmmm. It seems sides have been drawn. She's innocent he's gulity. She's to blame he's to blame. All in the name of Anonymous. We all have our opinions and yes I am sure they count each and every one of them.
But as I said before innocent or Guilty. The facts are that there has been a wrong done here not only to God and his word. But to communities and the people that depend on church's and clergy being honest up right and outstanding to the words they preach. Yes many wrongs have been done. BUT ! To whom did the people in these communities put there faith and trust. Mistakes made yes. But if they..The church's and the SBC did as they want preached and what the ministers and the priests of the church's preach in gods house. Then the Monies donated by all the congragents to the church's and then given to the SBC to fund them. Then the persons abused would have no problems getting help from the SBC and or the church's. But instead the church's protect there own as the SBC does. So innocent or guilty.
So I ask you.
Where really is the problem and what needs to be done to correct it ?
Always Watching