Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gilyard back in the SBC

According to comments on the Tiffany Croft blog, Darrell Gilyard preached from the pulpit of First Timothy Baptist Church in Jacksonville last Tuesday. I’ve also gotten a couple emails about this.

First Timothy is a church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

As many of you probably recall, Gilyard is the pastor who was previously mentored by two former Southern Baptist presidents, Paige Patterson and Jerry Vines. News reports reflect that dozens of sexual abuse and sexual assault allegations were made against Gilyard at 4 churches in Texas and Oklahoma, but he was always able to simply move on to another church. He finally moved on to Florida, and is now facing charges of lewd conduct and child molestation.

So ask yourself this: Given how much energy Paige Patterson and Jerry Vines put into promoting Gilyard, why don’t they now put the same amount of energy into trying to protect people against this minister they built up?

Why aren’t Paige Patterson and Jerry Vines using their power and influence to persuade First Timothy’s pastor, Fred Newbill, of the dreadful error in allowing Gilyard to preach or teach?

Why aren’t Patterson and Vines going out into the Jacksonville community to reach out to other possible victims, to minister to those already wounded, and to warn others about Gilyard?

Why aren’t they doing everything possible, from press releases to personal ministry, to attempt to ameliorate the harm that they permitted with their years of promoting Gilyard and of allowing him to continue in ministry despite so many abuse allegations?

Why is it that the people who struggle to warn and protect others are the victims themselves and their supporters? Why aren’t Southern Baptist leaders stepping up to the plate to warn and protect others?

When Gilyard left the SBC years ago, Southern Baptist officials acted as though they could simply wash their hands of him, with no obligation to warn people in the pews since he was now in an independent Baptist church rather than a Southern Baptist church. But now it appears that Gilyard is back in the SBC.

So what’s the excuse of Southern Baptist leaders now?


gmommy said...

What's a few women and children to these men compared to the rush of power and the pleasures those SBC dollars bring them.
While they are taking trips around the world, hunting animals in the jungle, and being paid $5000 a pop to stand in one of their good ol boy's pulpits...the innocent and the wounded continue to be preyed upon.
They spend their time manipulating who will be elected to continue their agenda and tearing down those who would dare question them.
I hope the SBC falls apart.

Christa Brown said...

No power, no value system, no religion, no institution... if it is built on the cover-up of crimes and the sacrifice of children... it is not worth protecting and deserves to die.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh, Christa, that church (First Timothy) is not affiliated in any way, shape or form with the Southern Baptist Convention. They are part of the National Baptist Convention. A denomination primarily consisting of black churches.

Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, the pastor at First Timothy knows all about Gilyard's troubles, current and past. It is HIM you should be pointing your vitriol towards, not Patterson and Vines.

As sickening as Gilyard speaking in any church ever again is, it's not the fault of other pastors who have zero say-so in the going's-on of other churches.

But then again, going after Newbill (the pastor of the church in question) isn't politically expedient for you and your CBF friend Bob Allen, is it?

Anonymous said...

And one more thing- this ridiculous paragraph:

"Why aren’t they doing everything possible, from press releases to personal ministry, to attempt to ameliorate the harm that they permitted with their years of promoting Gilyard and of allowing him to continue in ministry despite so many abuse allegations?"

Uhhhh, Christa, since when do preachers "allow" one another to pastor a church or not? Churches and pastor's within the SBC (Shiloh isn't SBC, either, by the way) don't have some sort of control over who does and who does not pastor any given church. The SBC is not like the Catholic hierarchy. But then again, you know all of this.

So instead of blogging the facts, you feel it's responsible writing to continue to spit out falsehoods.

You're really good at that, you know.

Shiloh called Gilyard to be their pastor on their own free will. There is NOTHING, ZIP, ZILCH any pastor could have done to stop this. Shiloh knew of his past troubles, but they called him instead.

Your disdain for Gilyard is understandable and commendable.

Your vitriol for Patterson, Vines, et al is not.

Christa Brown said...

Uhhhh, anon, First Timothy Baptist Church at 12103 Biscayne Blvd., Jacksonville, FL, is listed on the Southern Baptist Convention's website as a church affiliated with the SBC. Likewise, if you do a minister search in the SBC's database, Frederick Newbill is listed as a Southern Baptist minister.

It's possible for churches to be dually affiliated, and so perhaps First Timothy may ALSO be affiliated with the National Baptist Convention.

Thanks for pointing out that "the pastor at First Timothy knows all about Gilyard's troubles, current and past." That's a pretty sad statement if it's true, and all the more reason why other Southern Baptist leaders should prevail upon pastor Newbill to reconsider allowing Gilyard in the pulpit. A man with pending child molestation charges and literally dozens of prior sexual abuse and assault allegations should not be allowed in the pulpit. Period.

Other pastors and churches may have no control over who any other church calls as a pastor, but in the real world, men such as Patterson and Vines are nevertheless capable of exercising enormous power and influence. To pretend that they aren't is just that... pretending. Previously, they used their power and influence to promote Gilyard, and now they should use at least the same measure of power and influence (if not more so) to warn people about the man they promoted. For example, Patterson and Vines have the power to bring a great deal more media attention to bear, and media attention could serve not only to better warn people in the pews but also to put pressure on any wayward church that would make the dreadful mistake of calling a pastor like Gilyard.

Christa Brown said...

And one more thing anon: The next time you decide to libel me by accusing me of "falsehoods," at least have the gumption and decency to use your own name instead of hiding behind "anonymous."

Anonymous said...

According to Tiffany Croft and others, Newbill wanted to give Gilyard a "second chance." Further, Gilyard's arrests have received widespread news coverage. It would be difficult to think Newbill doesn't know what's going on. Newbill's actions are irresponsible and reprehensible, putting the women and children at First Timothy at risk of great harm.

Sharon Rose

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem, Christa.

Maybe falsehood is too strong of a word. I'll let others decide that for themselves. But here are the facts:

First Timothy in Jacksonville is an active and participating member of the National Baptist Convention and the General Baptist Convention of Florida. They are loosely affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention in name only. They are not participating with anything to do with the SBC.

It's Gilyard first and foremost that should be the enemy here, Christa. Then Newbill at First Timothy. Not men who have NOTHING to do with this situation currently.

That's my point.

Anonymous said...

And I'm in 100% agreeance with you that Gilyard shouldn't ever be in another pulpit in any denomination.

I just think trying to tie this current situation to something SBC related as you are doing with your blog is wrong on its face. You might want to consider changing the "tie" to the National Baptist Convention if you want to be on target. Or, at the very least, also list that they are participating members of the NBC and not the SBC.

Christa Brown said...

I am correct in stating that Jacksonville's First Timothy Baptist Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Period. There are no categories for "loose" affiliation or "non-loose" affiliation. A church is either affiliated or it's not.

Moreover, it was Southern Baptist Convention leaders who launched and promoted Gilyard's career from the get-go and who turned a deaf ear to many prior allegations of sexual abuse and assault. That makes this situation inextricably linked to the Southern Baptist Convention and no amount of pretending otherwise will make it so. Morally, Southern Baptist leaders cannot simply wash their hands of their past mistakes without bearing an obligation to try to set things right and to protect others from harm.

You seem to know something about First Timothy, anon. If indeed you're correct in stating that First Timothy is also affiliated with the National Baptist Convention (in addition to being affiliated with the SBC), then perhaps you should take it upon yourself to try to get the National Baptist Convention to intercede.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you take it to the NBC to intercede? Or is it only the SBC that you like to hold to the fire? Baptist is Baptist, right? Or is your axe to grind only towards the SBC and certain leaders?

gmommy said...

I agree ....the manipulation and power used by the SBC for politics while claiming they have no power to stop sexual predator ministers should be taken to NBC...and CBS and ABC...and Oprah!

Exposure on a National level may help bring about the accountability so needed by Baptist ministers today.

Anonymous said...

To anon April 13 9:46AM you said, "It's Gilyard first and foremost that should be the enemy, Christa. Then Newbill at First Timothy. Not men who have NOTHING to do with this situation currently."

Why don't YOU stop instructing Christa how to fight, who to fight and do some fighting of your own. Like stopping Gilyard since you say he's the enemy and Newbill at First Timothy. I think it is dispicable how you try to run her down, I say "try" because you're not succeeding. The way you keep defending the SBC... I read somewhere that the SBC is the biggest known perpetrator of clegy sexual abuse. And Vines and Paterson could have and can work harder to do something about it in this present case USING their voice. How true it is that people like you rather beat down and pursue victims (like Christa) rather than concentrate on bringing down the perpetrators. Because unlike the powerlessness you stated in another post, we can all do something about it.

Anonymous said...

I do not trust Paige Patterson and Jerry Vines NO MATTER WHAT! Spiritual, godly men would want to minister to the victims of abuse by a minister. I see these two men as very religious, but not one bit spiritual or godly.


Christa Brown said...

Anon: The ONLY indication I have that First Timothy is affiliated with the NBC is you, Mr. Anonymous, and that's just not enough for me. Neither First Timothy (the church) nor pastor Newbill are listed in the NBC's online directory.

Perhaps the NBC's online directory is incomplete, and perhaps you have information that I don't. As I said before, if you know so much about this church, as you seem to indicate, then why don't you yourself get busy and do something?

Anyone can look at the StopBaptistPredators website and readily see that all manner of Baptist ministers are posted there and not merely SBC ministers.

gmommy: I like your suggestion! NBC, CBS, ABC, and any other national media... until Baptists are finally pressured into implementing accountability measures for their ministers.

Anonymous said...


The First Timothy website calendar section itself details the Florida General Baptist Convention which is the NATIONAL BAPTIST CONVENTION'S, State Convention in Florida.

On the other hand, I looked in their June calendar and I see zilch for the SBC.

Clicky clicky

Unknown said...

National Baptist, Southern Baptist, does it matter? What matters is the fact that Gilyard is still preaching, because Newbill wanted to give him a "second chance." "Second chance," yuck! I really, really don't think that's biblical. People are so blind when it comes to preacher predators, and how they are the false teachers that Scripture warned us about.

I think that it would do the SBC a lot of good to fully acknowledge this problem, and to get really tough about it.

Christa Brown said...

Yes, Elisabeth, it's what I pray for every day - that the SBC will fully acknowledge this problem and implement effective action. What a powerful example the largest Protestant denomination in the land could set... if only they would. But if they continue to stonewall, and begrudgingly take minimal action only when they are finally forced into it by massive media pressure, then not only will many more kids, congregants, and families be horribly wounded by clergy sex abuse, but for countless others, their faith and trust will be fractured when they finally see the extent to which their leaders betrayed the safety of kids and families and betrayed any semblance of Christlike values for the sake of protecting image, power and money.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how much you hold the SBC leaders to the fire. They will only do what is necessary to protect themselves, and not clergy victims or innocent children and teens. At least that is how it has been thus far. To think that Christa is not an SBC leader and still she cares enough to speak out against what she sees as wrong and does what she can. So many are SBC leaders and do absolutely nothing to make a difference. Gilyard knows he is safe at an SBC church. They won't even try to stop him.

Anonymous said...


I posted proof of the affiliation with the National Baptist Convention and First Timothy. Shouldn't you now make the appropriate changes to your blog post out of fairness?

Christa Brown said...

Anon 10:04 - My blog post IS fair and accurate: "First Timothy is a church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention." First Timothy is listed on the Southern Baptist Convention's own website as an affiliated church, and its pastor, Fred Newbill, is listed in the Southern Baptist Convention's online registry of ministers.

You started out in your first comment by saying "Uhhh Christa, that church is not affiliated in any way, shape or form with the Southern Baptist Convention." You were wrong. It IS affiliated with the SBC. I had my facts straight. You didn't.

But when you said the church was NBC-affiliated, I at least gave you the benefit of the doubt by acknowledging that the church might possibly be dually affiliated. But even if First Timothy is ALSO affiliated with the NBC (despite the fact that it's not listed in the NBC's database), that doesn't alter the fact that it's affiliated with the SBC.

I think the bottom-line on this was well-said by Kay above. If you really believe that Gilyard shouldn't ever be in another pulpit in any denomination, why don't you get busy yourself and do something about it? Oh.... I guess because it's just so much easier for you to hide behind "Mr. Anonymous" and post falsehoods like saying that First Timothy isn't affiliated "in any way, shape or form" with the SBC, when in fact, it is.

Anonymous said...

They have nothing to do with the SBC in any way, shape or form other than being on a list along 40,000+ other churches. They give zero to any programs of the SBC nor do they attend or participate in any convention-related activities. However, they do participate regularly with the NBC and are active members of it.

Now we'll be waiting on your addition of the NBC on your blog. I posted irrefutable proof of their ties with the NBC. Or is that not politically expedient for you?

Don't be a hypocrite, Christa. Be fair and balanced in your "reporting."

Anonymous said...

I just joined a southern baptist church. I would like to understand why Christa Brown is being made to feel like she is doing something wrong with this blog? Don't you all want this stuff to end? How can GILYARD BE IN THE PULPIT AGAIN? How could he EVER have been in the pulpit again after Dallas? How's come this stuff goes on? It makes me want to puke.

Jon L. Estes said...

The pastor of 1st Timothy knows of DG's past and has made his choice. A totally wrong choice. I ask, what can PP or JV do concerning the pastor's decision to host DG?

The only thing they can do to possibly avert DG from speaking anywhere it to inform.

Do you think it is their responsibility to keep tabs on DG? To live to stay one step ahead of him?

I don't think so.

You have created a platform to inform. Your calling is to inform. Your calling is to expose.

I agree that when any believer finds out that someone such as a DG is speaking or being considered to lead, they should expose and inform all they can. Yet, I know as a pastor, I don't spend my time trying to find a perpetrator under every rock or behind every pulpit. That is not my calling.

You have many resources and information, have you sent any of these things on DG to 1st Timothy?

Christa Brown said...

Jon: Thanks for still another confirmation that "the pastor of 1st Timothy knows of DG's past."

Kay: I saw your comment on this over on the Tiffany Croft blog, and I absolutely agree. Darrell Gilyard has already had way more than "a second chance." He has had dozens of chances, and each one of those prior chances has come at a dreadful cost.

Jon L. Estes said...

In case you missed the question...

You have many resources and information, have you sent any of these things on DG to 1st Timothy?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Estes, I don't understand your question. Why would Christa need to send resources and information on DG to 1st Timothy when you yourself are already convinced that "the pastor of 1st Timothy knows...."

Jon L. Estes said...


For the same reason some might expect JV & PP to step in and inform.

Christa Brown said...

You're right. Mr. Estes' question makes little sense as he himself has stated that "the pastor of 1st Timothy knows of DG's past." What's needed are leaders who will exercise leadership and who will use their position of influence to persuade Pastor Newbill of his error and to go to bat for the protection of the innocent. And I suspect Mr. Estes fully realizes that Paige Patterson and Jerry Vines have a very great deal more power and influence among Southern Baptist pastors than I can ever even imagine having. That's why, from my perspective, Mr. Estes' question winds up seeming a bit divorced from reality. Patterson & Vines were previously willing to exercise their power and influence to promote Gilyard, and now they ought to exercise that same power and influence to protect others against Gilyard.

And as for "resources"? I have virtually none, and yet I, along with SNAP and others, do all that we possibly can to warn people about clergy predators. In connection with Gilyard, Tiffany Croft and Don Simpkins have also put forth enormous effort to try to inform and warn others in Jacksonville. Meanwhile, the Southern Baptist Convention has plenty of "resources." It receives about about $500 million annually in Cooperative Program dollars out of the approximate $10.4 billion that people in Southern Baptist churches put in offering plates. I haven't actually looked at the numbers in a while, but as I recall, about 60 percent of the $500 million goes to statewide conventions (why doesn't the Florida Baptist Convention do something???), but even if you only give the SBC credit for having about $200 million dollars a year to work with, wouldn't you think that the SBC could somehow come up with the funds to better address clergy sex abuse? Moreover, the SBC ALREADY has the resource of the Baptist Press (funded by people in the pews who would probably appreciate this information) which means that the SBC ALREADY has its own readily available press arm at their disposal. It's sad. So many more people could be made so much safer if the SBC would use their well-funded press-arm to inform and warn about credibly-accused clergy predators. So why don't they use their own readily available press to publish information about Gilyard, which might in turn, help to dissuade other ministers such as Newbill from putting Gilyard back in the pulpit? Why? Because despite the SBC's mega-millions in "resources," it's easier for people like Mr. Estes to suggest that ordinary people like me should do still more than it is for people like Mr. Estes to confront the leadership of his own denomination and suggest that THEY should be doing more. And for that matter, Mr. Estes has had as much opportunity as you and me to read the many news reports about Darrell Gilyard. So why doesn't Mr. Estes himself bother to prevail upon his fellow-Baptist-minister there at First Timothy?

Jon L. Estes said...


Thanks for your response. The power is not in the dollars or the name people carry it is in the truth. You have truth on DG more than I do. About all I know is what you or others connected to this blog or SNAP have printed.

My point was, and I think you know it, is that you continue to demand others be the voice for your cause.

Just so you will know, if I had known DG was going to speak at 1st Timothy prior to his speaking I would have made contact and given them the info I had. Doing so now, knowing the pastor is informed of DG's past is fruitless.

That is why I asked if you were willing to be the voice to 1st Timothy when you found out or is pointing fingers at others and being a voice after the event, using past tense terms all you really want to do.

I believe you have a great platform and in reality no one may ever join you in your rightful crusade but spending time to bash others for doing what it seems you are called to do does not help you gain support.

You do come off as one who says, "join me in my cause, my way or I will print negatives about you making it seem like you don't care about abused children".

Your blog seems to present that the ones who you think should take the stand because of their convention position are the real culprits. That you share the offenses of the real abuser as justification for the verbal assault on those who have not abused.

I am not against you or for PP or JV. I am simply a pastor who reads your blog, responds every so often and hopes the nest for you but you can't see past the "my way or your wrong" attitude you put out.

I tell you what I will do for you. If you find out DG is going to speak somewhere and you think those who have asked him to speak should be informed and you refuse to inform them, contact me (you have my e-mail address as you have e-mailed me before) and I will contact them for you.

Christa Brown said...

SNAP made press releases about Gilyard in Jacksonville, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Oklahoma. That's way more than any Southern Baptist leader did to try to warn people and reach out to other victims. Tiffany Croft and Don Simpkins have also spoken extensively with the Jacksonville media about Gilyard, and they obtained great media coverage there. Again, that's way more than any Southern Baptist leader did. It's a sad day when warning people about predators must turn on the effort of a young mother such as Tiffany rather than on the effort of leaders who have power, money, influence, and their own press at their disposal.

I didn't know Gilyard had preached at First Timothy until after he was there, and as you yourself pointed out, "the pastor of 1st Timothy knows..." (I can't help but wonder how you know that the pastor of 1st Timothy knows... )

By now, I have listened to so many Southern Baptist pastors and leaders say what they "would do" if they had information about a clergy predator that the words are utterly meaningless. When Baptist leaders start putting words into deeds, that's when I may start thinking their words have some meaning.

You make a mistake in viewing this as my cause. What it should be is the cause of you yourself and other Southern Baptist pastors and leaders. It should be the cause for the protection of kids in Southern Baptist churches - a cause that ALL Southern Baptists should care about. Don't think of it as doing me any favors. Do it for the love of your own faith group and for the love of kids.

Clergy perpetrators persist because countless other clergy and religious leaders turn a blind eye. So, yes... I believe that the enablers must also be called to task.

Finally, in two comments now, you have purported to tell me about my "calling." So let me be very clear about something. The day I ever again listen to a Southern Baptist minister purport to tell me what I am "called" to do will be a cold day in hell. Indeed, I consider that to be the very road to hell.

Jon L. Estes said...

My apologies for not being able to communicate with you in a manner which is beneficial to you and your mission.

I know what my calling is and what it is not. For sure it is not to upset you and cause you to relive or rethink your past. For sure it is to tell lost people about Jesus.

I'll leave my comments to that and close with a promise not to bother you any further.

May God bless you and heal you completely.

Anonymous said...

Could someone check this out and post an answer. I was told that DG will preach Sunday, May 4th at First Timothy.

Newbill has taken him under his wings for counseling. Comments were made that he is innocent until proven guilty. Well even when a police is accused he is given a admin leave until proven guilty or innocent. What makes DG special?

Anonymous said...


In one of my post above I referred to you as a victim and didn't feel good about it even then because I knew it wasn't exactly correct. You, girl, are a survivor!!! My prayers are with you.

Mr. Estes,
I read the last few posts a few minutes ago notwithstanding I wanted to respond:

We expect PP and JV to step in and inform because as two presidents of the SBC their words have weight in the church. It would also continually validate what people are saying about DG. Furthermore, PP and JV can never be finished warning people about Darrell until he is completely stopped from pastoring because this is the minister they presented and this is the minister that they raised. For the "anon poster" who refuses to see the connection between Darrell Gilyard and the SBC he is undeniably tied to these former presidents and these powerful men in the church have a responsibility to warn others about Gilyard. Whenever they get wind that DG is speaking in someone's church they should warn that church and, so that others other than "church leaders" can know, broadcast clips on the local radio. Pastor Harvey in Jacksonville,FL did that in the early 90's and was soon stopped by the station, but now that official allegations have been brought against DG this can be different. It's not a personal vendetta it is to protect the "church." JV and PP are shepherds (at heart) aren't they? Either they are too scared or apathetic to do that.

This should go for anyone they highly reccommend and later find out is a continual perpetrator and detriment to God's church. I don't see how PP can stay in his corner while this wolf DG is somewhere else mangling sheep. To think that the mother of this 14 year-old bringing pedophile charges against him in Jacksonville might have been spared. Would this have been enough for PP not to become weary in warning people about Darrell Gilyard. PP to say simply that you wash your hands of him is to say that you don't care about other people out there. Some may not listen but if they (PP,JV) warn each church where they know or hear he seeks employment then they've done their job. People have been hurt by DG and more will be harmed if he's not stopped. PP and JV please help.

I don't have a lot of resources either but I do what I can through prayer and if there is a mind to pickett I have already purposed to be a part of it. Right now just waiting to see what happens in court.

Christa Brown said...

Kay - Thank you for your prayers, and thank you for your wise and well-spoken words here. You have summed up this whole Gilyard/Patterson scenario so well. Where are the leaders with a shepherd's heart?

Anonymous said...

I apologize for such a long post. Won't happen again. I was indignant. It bothers me that stuff like this happens.

Anonymous said...

It is inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

When watching the video of counselor in Dallas talking about Gilyard a couple of weeks ago talk about him, he should have been turned over to the authorities then and they had every right to do so because he was deemed a threat to harm others. You need to post it again.

Christa Brown said...

Link for video with Gilyard's former counselor

Prior blog posting about that video

Dallas Morning News articles show how much Paige Patterson knew about Gilyard.

Anonymous said...

God is a second chance God. I have not been to First Timothy so I'm only speaking on hearsay.
1. If Gilyard is allowed to preach then I agree with you in saying that is so wrong.
2. If Gilyard is allowed to minister that too is wrong.
3. If Gilyard is allowed to attend service at First Timothy to God be the glory.
Darrel Gilyard needs prayer just like we all do. The problem with most folk is that they want to have buffet faith. I didn't do the research on this site so I don't know what type of site this is and I really don't care. What I do know is that somehow I was led to it. First off Gilyard needs to be held accountable but per my God it is not for me to judge him because I am not the authority for that. So for me all I can do is pray for him as a christian should. If you have a problem with something you purchase, you send it back to the manufacturer, in my world the manufacturer is God so I think we should all send Mr. Gilyard back to the manufacturer by way of prayer and at the same time offer prayer to Pastor Newbill and his congregation for doing the work of God and for being obedient.
Pulpit for Gilyard at this time.....No!!!!!!!!! Prayer for Gilyard.....Without a doubt!!! Grace, Mercy and Peace...Hebrew 13:20 says we serve a God of Peace.

Anonymous said...

It's like this, if you believe in the Word of God, it simply says, To forgive your brother seven time seventy a day. Now, what point about that, that a true Christian don't understand? I don't know Pastor Gilyard, but if he have any problems, let the Lord take care of them. Remember, he is a man of God!

Benny Brown
Jacksonville Fla.

Anonymous said...

Yes God does take care of sin and he also uses people to uncover the sin. So you are right. What I hear all the time, let God dto it, how do you think he does it? Through people! If someone you knoew was a saved person but he brok in houses all the time and you knew it, would you say let the God take care of it vs. turning him in?
We must let all saved people who are also men and women of God, go free from jails and prison, after all let God take care of it.

Anyway, here's what I really wanted to post:

I know it was reported that he was not to speak nor preach but that is not so. I was told that he is to help First Timothy bring in more members so they can pay for an addition onto their church. This is 2 yr commitment between Newbill and Gilyard. Gilyard is co-pastor or assistant pastor but it’s not on paper yet. He is to preach on Weds nights, beginning May 7th, according to a deacon at First Timothy.

His position stirred up quite a debate amongst deacons and according to my source last week Newbill told the congregation if they did not like it they could leave.
I know it was reported that he was not to speak nor preach but that is not so. I was told that he is to help First Timothy bring in more members so they can pay for an addition onto their church. This is 2 yr commitment between Newbill and Gilyard. Gilyard is co-pastor or assistant pastor but it’s not on paper yet. He is to preach on Weds nights, beginning May 7th, according to a deacon at First Timothy. His position stirred up quite a debate amongst deacons and according to my source last week Newbill told the congregation if they did not like it they could leave.

Anonymous said...

"It's like this, if you believe in the Word of God, it simply says, To forgive your brother seven time seventy a day. Now, what point about that, that a true Christian don't understand?"

Benny, forgiveness is one thing and can be granted. However, he hasn't asked for forgiveness so it can't be granted until he does. To ask forgiveness, he has to admit what he has done and has to admit that it was/is wrong. He must face the consequences of his actions.

However, his past sexual misdeeds are numerous and must not be ignored. We cannot continue to just turn a blind eye and let him go on as if he hasn't ruined hundreds of lives. Not blaming his previous victims, but had one of his previous rape victims come forward and pressed charges, these beautiful innocent children would not have been victimized by this man.

I have known DG for 20 years. I know how persuasive he can be. I know how people are completely taken in my him. He was one of the most gifted preachers I'd ever heard and I have heard all the who's who in the SBC. However, he MUST be stopped. His whole ministry was based on lies. Lies of how he was reared, lies to his wives and church members, lies, lies, lies. He should not be allowed to go on with his life as if he has done nothing wrong.

Until the court cases are settled, DG needs to stay out of the pulpit and positions of authority in any church. Due to his past sexual misdeeds and his subsequent divorce, he didn't belong in the pulpit of Shiloh and he sure doesn't belong in any position at 1st Timothy until everything has been settled.

DG was protected by Vines and Patterson. I was a student at Criswell College when DG was accused by the women at Concord. Numerous women approached PP and were denied their right to speak and be believed. "There must be 2 witnesses." Do you have sex in front of other people? By the shear number of women accusing DG, something should have been done back in the 80's!!! How can so many women telling the same story be summarily dismissed? I think that is the problem Christa has with PP. He ignored the cries for help from numerous women and that created a man, DG, who has never had to face up to the consequences nor responsibilities of his actions. PP helped make DG who he is today and that lack of action is on PP's head.

We can forgive, but we must not forget his deeds.

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Excuse me, Mr. Brown, he alledgedly violated women and children, if so shouldn't he also ask their forgiveness whether he receives it or not? In addition shouldn't this "man of God" repent meaning confess his wrongdoing, turn away from it and not come back to it again. Court would be a good place for this "man of God" to confess instead of calling these children and their mothers liars. He is a coward and hopes to never be held responsible for his actions. People like you sanction him not paying for them. By the way the mother of the 14 yr old said Darrell did ask them for forgiveness, although it's obvious that was just a ploy to make them forgive AND forget about it I'm glad they went through with calling him out because so many others have let him get away. Gilyard does not listen to GOD, God spoke in I Tim. chapter 3 didn't he? Gilyard is not a child of God he is influenced by the devil who also transforms himself into an angel of light and knows the Word exceedingly well. His pleasure is to hurt and destroy the church.

You seem to have a very simplistic view of what a christian's responsibility is.

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No, not at all, until you and anybody else jump to judgement on me, you need to know a little about me. Did not He said in Romans 12:19, That he shall repay. All I'm saying, is why not at this ponit, leave it in Gods hand. What about that you don't understand?

God Bless,
Benny Brown

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Oh, by the way, before you correct my spelling,this is the correct spelling of {point}

God bless

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Benny I am not so petty as to correct a typo. But what this man has done is more than a typo and God can use the legal system to carry out judgement and there will be another judgement.

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finally, we can agree on something. Yes, God will make the final judgement. Now, isn't it good to know that if you believe in God, that he have all power in his hand.

The God I serve, is the one who I pray to, and I know that prayer change's things. Today, I see the people who shot and killed my sister, not only that she died in my mothers hand, he done little jail time. My brother, killed by some thugs on the streets, one of them did little time.

So, you see Kay, that's why I have to really trust in God.

Oh, by the way, I'm glad you're not petty.

God Bless,

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Benny I am sorry for the loss to your family, that's really tough. I'm also in Jacksonville and know of our problems here. I pray that you find continued strength in God.

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We continue to speak of D.Gilyard, he's not the problem, the problem lays in the law of the land. When we come together as one people of this world, and continue to pray. Then we will see the power of God.

I believe that God will heal the Unjust, as well as the Just.

Kay, if you will take a moment and read 2 Chronicles 7:14, then you will understand my stand on this matter.

Thanks for your understanding about my biological family, Thanks to God that he gave me a Spiritual family.
God bless us all,


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Hi Benny,
When I spoke of our problems here I was talking about Jacksonville being the murder capital of the whole state (unfortunately). But the scripture you gave speaks also to that. Thanks! for giving it to me to look up. It did a lot for me.

God bless.