Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Candy man" deacon admits to child sex abuse

In Michigan, “a church leader” at “an undisclosed Eaton County church” will stand trial on 8 counts of child sex crimes.

When police interviewed Eugene Smith, he said that he was a Sunday School teacher, an usher, and a trustee deacon.

He was also the church “candy man.”

As one officer recounted: “When he was telling me about his various duties at the church… one of the things he mentioned was he was the candy man. In other words he passed out candy to the kids when they came in.”

This “candy man” has admitted to child sex crimes, and so far, police know of three reported victims. They are “concerned that there are more victims.”

Yet, despite that concern, “investigators wouldn’t say” which church had the “candy man” as a deacon leader and Sunday School teacher.

So I don’t know whether this guy was a Baptist church leader or some other kind of church leader. Investigators won’t say and, apparently, reporters aren’t ferreting it out.

That’s what bothers me about this. Why is everyone just glossing over the information about which church the “candy man” was at?

If this man were a public school teacher instead of a Sunday School teacher, wouldn’t you expect the media to tell you which school he worked at?

If this man were a priest, or even a Catholic lay teacher, wouldn’t you expect the media to tell you which parish church or school he worked at?

So what am I missing about this picture?

Why aren’t people being told which church had a deacon who “passed out candy to the kids when they came in” and who is now an admitted child molester?

I learned about this case only because a reader sent it to me with his own stated concern that parents should be warned.

I agree.


James H said...

To answer your question

He was a Sunday school teacher, an usher and a trustee at a church in Eaton County.

"Investigators wouldn't say which church because they don't think he hurt anyone there.

At the same time police say there could be other victims.

Det. Sgt. Brian Valentine: "He told us in his interview that there aren't any other victims out there, but we're not sure we believe him, so if there are other victims out there, we encourage them to come forward."

If you're worried your child might be a victim of Smith, call your local police department"

Whichseems bizaree and contradictory

Christa Brown said...

I agree ... it "seems bizarre and contradictory."