Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Darkness won't hide elephants

On the New BBC Open Forum blog, gmommy posted these comments of courage and wisdom:

"I learned the hard way that if you don't acknowledge the elephant in the room it leaves its waste on everyone and everything and it stinks.

The elephant sat on me, smashed me and left deep wounds.

I believe with all my heart....and my children expect nothing less from me.....

that I must not be destroyed by the wounds...

that I must not be silenced by the fear of more wounds...

that I must not cover them with pretty band aids and pretend all is well...

that I must do all I know in my very small way to prevent the elephant of sin and lies and evil to smash anyone else

PARTICULARLY the weak, the wounded or the innocent."

Kudos to gmommy and others who continue to call for accountability at Bellevue!

Thank God for this small band of Memphisites who had the good sense to turn away from the secrecy of church leaders whose ways seem a lot like what Southern Baptist president Frank Page was promoting just yesterday.

Page publicly urged Baptist churches to deal with their problems in a “more private fashion.” He complained that blogs have become “a place that shows the world a dark side of church politics.”

I say Hallelujah! Let’s bring still more of that darkness into the light!

Contrary to what their president says, Southern Baptist churches don’t need more privacy, secrecy, and darkness. What they need is more openness, transparency, and accountability.

Besides… no amount of darkness is really gonna hide all those stinky elephants.

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