Friday, August 10, 2007

Even buffaloes rout predators

Even water buffaloes rout predators, protect the young, and go back for the wounded. Southern Baptist church kids would be a whole lot safer if Southern Baptist officials would learn a lesson from the buffaloes.


Anonymous said...


I saw this video on FOX NEWS. The reporter said that the reason the herd turned around and came back was that the captured one kept bleeping in pain. It simply refused to go quietly.
I believe that because victims like you and so many other brave souls refuse to go quietly, the "herd" of Southern Baptists will eventually hear your cries and respond in a protective mass number.
Thank you for not going quietly away.
God bless,

Christa Brown said...

Well...I never thought I'd feel so honored to be compared to a water buffalo, but I do...and I imagine a lot of other brave and bleating Baptist abuse survivors would feel the same. Thanks. And I too really like imagining that the whole "herd" of Southern Baptists will eventually hear us and turn.